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The Athletic & Physical Education Department at the Manor Hall International School believes that a strong sports program, whether from a curricular or extra-curricular perspective, enables students to lead successful, active and healthy lifestyles.

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Brilliant day: Manor Hall International School football team win gold!


Music plays an important role at the MHIS educational concept and therefore is required for all students in grades 6 – 12. All students study Music are clustered into Minor group (Grades 6-8) & Major group (Grades 9-12).



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Ms. Maha

“As a new parent in the school I cannot be happier with the open door policy the teachers and administration at Manor Hall embrace. Communication between teachers and parents is key to successful students- something surely to be found at MHIS.”


Ms. Brittany

“Manor Hall appreciates the individuality and creativity of each of its teachers, enabling us to grow as teachers, which results in the holistic growth of all students. My experience here is one that will remain close to my heart. This is just the beginning and it can only get better from here. I’m excited to see what my future here at Manor Hall holds!”


Mr. Chris

“What I love most about teaching at Manor Hall is the family atmosphere.  The family always talks about teaching being in your heart and that resonates with the staff.”

Ren Mowbray

Ms. Ren

As a professional, assisting children to become confident English language readers, is one of the most gratifying aspects of teaching at Manor Hall International School. Seeing the absolute joy on a child’s face as they independently decode and read their first words or sentences is extremely rewarding.