Why We Exist


Why We Exist

MHIS will continually strive to be an innovative community that will ensure all students discover their passion to create, lead and serve as global citizens.

Jeremy Williams, Head of School

Our vision is to  create an innovative community for students to explore and realize their personal passion. We G.I.V.E. by making the world a better place through experiences, serving our community, and innovation.

School Values
Grit – Our MHIS family persevere and have unwavering commitment for short and long term goals. We plan, evaluate, execute, and revise to innovate.
Integrity – Our MHIS family speak their truth, no matter what. We tell people the truth because that’s what you do for people you care for. Our character is the same whether we are in public or no one is watching.
Voice – Our MHIS family uses their voice, especially if it makes the school or their classroom a better place. We all care for our school. We are all relentlessly committed to making it the best place it can be. We use our voice to help and serve, not to hurt or tear down.
Enthusiasm/Energy– Our MHIS family attacks each day with an intense energy and enthusiasm. These types of environments are more fun to be a part of. It’s all of our responsibility to contribute and maintain energy and enthusiasm to our school.