Manor Hall International School is an innovative community for students to discover & develop their personal passion.

Manor Hall is dedicated to continuing to develop an outstanding elementary program for students from KG4 (Pre-K) through grade 6. We believe at MHIS that literacy is the most important foundational skill for our students to help them discover their passion. Teaching students to read is the most important responsibility we have at MHIS.

Our belief is that students need every opportunity to explore through making and tinkering. Students work with their teachers to make things that are new and solve real problems within their school community. Students are extremely proud of their work and love to show off what they have made to their classmates, teachers, and peers.

Preparing our students to be global citizens is an important part of what drives our Character Education Development at Manor Hall International School. We want students to exemplify grit, integrity, voice, and enthusiasm. We find authentic opportunities to teach these things to students and help them become fuller people as well as scholars.

Our impressive elementary program prepares students for the challenge of our secondary program.