Maker Project

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Maker Project

Making allows a child to bring ideas to life while acquiring important skills; such as teamwork, critical thinking, and overcoming failures without even realizing it.

Shawnika Davis, 2nd Grade Teacher, Middle Leader

Maker is a school focus where Manor Hall emphasizes prototyping and the repurposing of found objects in service of creating new inventions or innovations. Culturally, makerspaces are associated with collaboration and the free flow of ideas. At Manor Hall International School, maker education stresses the importance of learner-driven experience, interdisciplinary learning, peer-to-peer teaching, iteration, and the notion of “failing forward,” or the idea that mistake-based learning is crucial to the learning process and eventual success of a project.

Making and tinkering helps students stretch their creative muscles and focus on bringing new ideas to the table. Learning how to make things, being involved in maker-centered education, helps young people develop a sense of agency in the world, and a sense that they can change the world. Manor Hall is as proud to celebrate what our students make, then what they learn in English, math, or science.