Research & Development

Research & Development

A focus on research & development provides a process for identifying relevant school issues and a license to implement innovative solutions. An innovative school is one where teachers, students, and parents are actively involved in designing a dynamic and effective educational environment.

Daniel Rodriguez, High School Teacher, R&D Leader

Research and Development in schools is an approach to school development created by the staff at the American School of Bombay. American School of Bombay is widely considered one of the most innovative schools in the world. They promote a research-based, practical, and thoughtful process toward leading a school into an innovative space.

Manor Hall International School uses R&D to determine new school initiatives. Various stakeholders (admin, students, teachers) are involved throughout the R&D process and this helps ensure that there is a collective voice in determining the direction in which the school goes. Research and Development provides our school with a sustainable approach to school-wide innovation.

As a leading international school in Al Ain, MHIS has two operating systems – a traditional teaching and learning operating system that operates reliably and efficiently to execute and deliver on our mission every day, and a research and development operating system that resembles a network. R&D at MHIS focuses on sustained innovation for relevant learning.

R&D works by creating and facilitating guiding coalitions of interested motivated people throughout MHIS to explore, study, prototype, research, and scale new teaching and learning approaches, practices and systems.