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We can end world hunger: without increasing food production!

Next time before you eat, just throw away 1/3 of the food! That’s what is happening to the world’s food production today. One-third of all the food produced in the world is wasted. Over 240 million slices of bread are thrown away every year. Around 30% of the fruits and vegetables are wasted during household preparation. Most of the food is being wasted in peoples’ homes. Yet, many people are not aware of the tremendous extent of this tragic issue. Not only is the food being dumped into landfills, the energy and resources used in agriculture and transportation are lost. Food wastage is currently ranked as the third highest CO2 producing “country” in the world, as 3.3 billion tons of CO2 are released each year. On the other hand, millions of people in Africa and elsewhere are suffering from shortage of food. For example, food wasted in Europe can feed 14 times the population of Somalia.

With these many people going to bed hungry every night, is there something we can start doing today to reduce food waste in our homes? We need to urgently begin implementing ways to reduce food waste. Some ideas to start food conservation: keeping perishable foods in the fridge, taking only the amount of food that you are likely to eat especially at buffets, and making a grocery list before shopping. We need to accelerate saving our precious food for the planet and this is just the beginning.


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