What is innovation?

Innovation is at the core of we do. We seek to improve how things are already done or create entirely new ways to get things done. If you want to maintain the status quo or keep things the same, this isn’t the best place for you. We want to do things better and differently than most schools.

Jeremy Williams, Head of School

Innovation at MHIS takes two major forms. The most well known concept for innovation is to create a new way or idea that changes the way something is done. This process is generative and is typically demonstrated by making something new. Manor Hall has a number of innovative practices happening in the school that are unique and innovative in this regard.

The second concept of innovation is to simply improve something that already exists in the world. This less-familiar concept of innovation is more novel. This type of innovation is really important. For example, if a developer can create a new battery for an IPhone that is ten cents less expensive and lasts on average 48 minutes longer, this “small improvement” can shift and change a whole market.

At Manor Hall, we want staff and students to engage in both of these types of innovation. It’s the big idea and the small improvement that can both change the world.