Meet our Staff Entrepreneurs
In addition to our teaching and leading, a number of our staff are enterprising and entrepreneurial.

Mr. Jeremy, the MHIS Head of School, is an accomplished podcast host and international speaker on education and exponential technologie
Ms. Octevia, School Coordinator, Drone Coordinator, is an international speaker and runs drone programming across the UAE. She also hosts her own educational YouTube talk show, The Teacher Table, and is a professional coach for educators and youth. Education is her passion and she finds creative ways to reach the education sector.
Mr. Duran worked in the design industry for many years, his portfolio ranges from published cartoonist and court artist to auctioned fine artist to film award finalist for animation to owning to his own Design and Media company, these are just a few paths our students could take towards an exciting career as well as being future entrepreneurs like Mr. Duran.
Mr. Jawad produced documentaries and advertisement videos for various companies. His work has been featured on CNN International, NPR, and at various film festivals around the world. Since 2011, he has used the money raised from his documentaries to sponsor 50 child laborers to go to school in Afghanistan. His most recent project was launching an online food channel in India called Yum. With over 6 million followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, Yum has garnered more than 20 billion online video plays. Mr. Jawad is currently finishing his master’s program at Johns Hopkins University and working on a skill-share mobile application to connect students with expert tutors for face-to-face help
Mr. Chigozie has supported tech startups over the years and has been involved in the design and facilitation of teacher training programs in Nigeria and across Africa. He is a data scientist, builds android apps and contributes to the Google Developer Group (GDG) community in UAE. He presently curates an online EdTech newsletter
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