Students as Manor Hall come from over 30 nationalities making us a true global school. Our graduates attend university in almost as many countries. In the last two years alone we have graduates studying in the United States, Canada, Hungary, UK, Lebanon, Jordan, Poland, Egypt, Turkey, Colombia, and of course the UAE. Our students have very diverse interests and study for a wide range of careers in engineering, medicine, business, education, dentistry, liberal arts, computer science, and law.

As we increase the variety of our classes and extracurricular offerings we foresee our students pursuing an ever wider variety of career fields. As we expose them to more of the world their passions ignite and they will grow in ways that their parents could only dream of when they were in school.

When a student discovers what they are passionate about their life and success has no limits other than the ones they impose on themselves

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We are extremely proud of the quality education that we provide students of all ages and MHIS can truly say that it is an international school with 640 students enrolled from over 43 nationalities.

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