Whole School Principal

Mr. Michael Reule

Elementary Principal

Ms. Ann Morris

Other Dignitaries

Head of Arabic Department

Mr. Al Hassan Mohammed

I am Mr.Al Hassan Mohamed Naguib Bedaiwi Arabic and Islamic teacher with 14 years of experience, 11 of which were spent at Manor Hall International School, where I currently serve as the head of the Department of Arabic Language and Islamic Education and a member of the school’s senior leadership team since 2019. I holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education with a major in Arabic language and Islamic studies from Suez University. I also holds a Diploma in Islamic Studies with honors, and a preparatory Master’s degree in Curricula and Methods of Teaching Arabic Language.also taken many training courses in the field of teaching Arabic, using modern programs and technologies, and have trained more than 50 teachers. my goal is to ensure that the students at the school receive an enjoyable and quality education. my main responsibility as a member of the senior leadership team is to help teachers develop curriculum plans and enhance technical guidelines to achieve higher performance levels and academic standards.I committed to setting a high standard for the Arabic department at Manor Hall and to exceed the educational expectations within the UAE.

Human Resources (HR)

Nour El Saleh

As the HR at Manor Hall International School, I am committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and equitable work environment for all staff members. My role involves developing and implementing policies, procedures, and programs to ensure that all staff members are treated with respect and are provided with the resources they need to perform their roles effectively. I will also be responsible for recruiting and hiring qualified staff, overseeing employee relations and performance management, and providing guidance on professional development.

My goal is to ensure that Manor Hall International School is a place where everyone feels comfortable and respected. I will be available to provide support to staff and help them grow in their careers. I will also ensure that the school’s policies and procedures are compliant with relevant laws and regulations. My goal is to ensure that Manor Hall International School is a place where everyone feels safe, valued, and supported—and can reach their full potential.


Mr. Muhammad Adeel Chughtai

I am pleased to be working as the Accountant at Manor Hall International School. With thirteen years of experience in the accounting field, I am confident that I will be able to provide the school with the highest quality of financial management, to ensure that the school’s finances are managed in the most efficient and responsible way.

I am committed to providing the school with accurate financial reports and analysis, as well as ensuring that all financial information is up-to-date. I am passionate about helping the school to achieve its financial goals and objectives by providing the best possible financial advice. I am also committed to providing exemplary customer service and I look forward to working with the school to ensure that its finances are in the best possible shape.